Current Production

The Dead Guy 
by Eric Coble

Nov. 12, 13, 14 and 18, 19, 20 at 7:30pm

Tickets: $7 with reservation, $12 at the door

For reservations, email:

All performances at West Seattle High School - 3000 California Ave SW


The Pitch: You get one million dollars to spend over the next seven days. A camera crew follows your every move and broadcasts your adventures on national television. 

The Hook: At the end of the week…you die. 

The Best Part: The viewing audience gets to vote on the method of your death! For hard-luck Eldon Phelps, the deal is irresistible. But does America have the stomach for this much reality? What would you do if you had one week until you became…"The Dead Guy"? Stay tuned…

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Gina Yaweth: Delia Finney
Eldon Phelps: Mic Parent
Dougie: Peter Bryson
Intern Cabel Puller: Grace Evanson
Roberta Phelps: Linda Cardona-Rigor
Virgil Phelps: Wilder Law
Christy Moline: Tris Heiden-Lundberg
Woman #1: Elizabeth Luchino
Woman #2: Katie Savage
Security Guard: Max Czerwinski
Nancy: Lucy Wickersham
Leon: Andrew Haggerty
Sheila: Julia Shexnayder

The Dead Guy

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