Parent Help - Additional Info

posted May 21, 2010, 9:59 PM by Andrew Finley   [ updated May 21, 2010, 9:59 PM by Westside Drama Administrator ]

Good morning, all. I neglected to mention that our head count is 49 including all-hands.

Also, updates on food assignments: dinners tomorrow (spaghetti, salad, bread) and Mon 5/17 (pasta, salad, bread), and Sat 5/15 lunch (deli-style sandwiches, salad, chips) are taken. Our kids will eat like frog royalty!

And huge thanks to Jennifer Broadstone, who will handle Concessions. Another need is for parent contributions of baked items for concessions – individually wrapped and easy, non-messy fingerfood is much-preferred. Feel free to let Jennifer and I know if you can send Concessions baked goods and/or work the Concessions stand.

One other area I’d love help is to get copies of flyers to area elementary school and kid-oriented places like YMCA, etc. If you are willing to take on a few locations or areas, have your student bring you colored flyers and let me know so I can ensure good coverage. (I also need to coordinate this with the Marketing students who are handling PR activities as well.)

Please help me get the word out to parents as I have yet to receive all email addresses. I’ll be in touch in the coming days with updates as needed. Have a great Tuesday!

Thanks, Terese