Spring Fundraiser Info

This year we're excited to announce a new approach to our annual Drama Club fundraiser. Instead of our Special Benefit Performance event, we've partnered with Snap! Raise for a virtual fundraiser.

Click here to make your tax deductible donation to the Westside Drama Program.

The majority of drama program funds come from ticket sales.  This enables us to buy rights to the show (musical rights can run up to $3,000 every year), building supplies for sets, props, and costumes, etc.  However, regular ticket sales do not cover major equipment purchases or replacements which are critical to the quality of our shows. The mission of our program is to give students an outstanding, semi-professional theatre experience during their high school careers.  This means producing high quality shows with current equipment and technology.  Things wear out.  The last major round of equipment purchases was over 10 years ago and right now there are a lot of critical things that need repair or replacement.

Proceeds from the Special Benefit Performance will allow us to make key purchases like:
  • Body microphones 
  • A complete sound effects library
  • Much needed theatre lights
  • Monitors for musicians and in the dressing room
  • Replacements for all curtains - the black side curtains (aka "legs"), the red velvet front curtain, and cyclorama which covers the back wall of the theatre. (With normal wear and tear in a heavily used theatre, these have been badly damaged over the years.)